What we do

Limelight Social is unique for members who are looking to take their social media platforms to the next level. This service is one of a kind and completely discreet. From a complete social media makeover, we will increase awareness and exposure of your brand, secure commercial partnerships, up your engagement to another level, open up new audiences, create goal-oriented social strategies, connect with your followers in a new way, as well as capture, create, distribute, schedule, and post content.

In the digital space, attention is currency.
We earn it. We spend it.

Brand Deals and Sponsorship

We will strategically post content creating a professional, marketable brand image across your social platforms. This will allow us to engage with our vast network of contacts to secure commercial partnerships for you resulting in financial gain through your social media platforms. Furthermore, we will organise content creation days with you to capture content showcasing your boot / sports wear sponsor increasing your value to them.

Improved Fan Relationship

We spend a large amount of time conducting detailed research into your club, the fanbase and the city where your club is based. Posts that tap into specific details that are important to your fans can turn you into a fan favourite in no time. Become a legend to the fans. Create a legacy.

Brand Creation

After completing our profiling interview, we will have the information required to create and maintain a consistent brand image across all of your platforms. During content creation days our professional photography and videography team will capture content of you that maintains a clear, consistent and authentic brand image.

Athletes branding themselves professionally has led to profitable clothing and product deals such as:

  • C. Ronaldo – CR7 Underwear
  • Rio Ferdinand – FIVE
  • David Beckham – H&M
  • Zlatan – A-Z
  • Paul Pogba  – Adidas Football X Paul Pogba Collection
  • Michael Jordan –  Nike AirJordans

Increased Value as a Footballer

Our strategy is designed to present your best qualities to the public. A player that is brand friendly and loved by the fans is a more valuable asset to any club enabling you to achieve enhanced contracts from football clubs. Plenty of players have been signed largely due to their brand value.

Career After Football

The majority of your career won’t be spent playing football. It’s a central goal of ours to provide you with the best platform possible for when your football career finishes. Having a large and professionally maintained social presence will increase your visibility and accentuate your strengths leading to greater career opportunities after football.


Our strict post-vetting process ensures nothing will ever be posted that damages your image and brand. Journalists, scouts and managers monitor your social media. It’s imperative to your career success to maintain a clean, professional image.

How we do it

  • Detailed research into you, your club, your
    sponsors and other important factors
  • Liaise with your club and sponsors to create
    the best content for all parties
  • Create your own Media Kit (Social Media CV)
    and liaise with brands to gain commercial partnerships
  • Buy, display and manage your own enquires
    email address
  • Secure and manage commercial partnerships
  • Create social strategies and develop post
    ideas authentic to your brand
  • Organise content production days with you to capture
    a large range of professional content
  • Professionally edit photo and video content ensuring posts captivate audience
  • Provide multiple options for post ideas and captions giving you a big choice
  • Manage your bank of content storing and organising all of your media
  • Use of scheduling system ensuring consistent posting on all platforms
  • Continually adapt post schedule
    based on current form and results
  • Develop and maintain professional
    brand image
  • Maintain professional page image
    updating bio, highlights and guides
  • Monitor and capitalise on latest social
    media trends
  • Optimal content ratio: Balance of fun,
    informative, educational, promotional posts
  • Analyse your statistics and insights
    creating social media performance reports
  • Use all features available on social media
    to actively engage audience
  • Engage with viral pages and your colleagues
  • Use our relationships with viral pages to increase your social media exposure
  • Use our relationships within social media to gain extra exposure for your posts
  • Use of correct hashtags and fan language to increase engagement